Accent Group News – Rebranding

Today, Accent Group has taken an important step in its own history by combining all its areas under the common symbol of the brand ACCENT.

The updated Accent Group logo incorporates a symbol with horizontal stripes denoting the reproduction of the letter "E". Horizontal stripes in this interpretation express stability and confidence, and blue color represents technology, innovation and the digital industry.

The company not only updated the logo, but has created a strong and versatile brand ready to develop, keep up to date and provide the best solutions on the market for its customers!

The company exists on the market since 1991, and throughout the entire period of its existence, it has not changed its symbols. In 2020, the company reached a new level, setting for itself ambitious business development plans and rebranding was one of the points on the way to achieving these goals.

For Accent Group, sustainability means to do better every day through innovation and technological progress. As one of the leading providers of IT solutions in Moldova, we have all the capabilities to create a change and first we decided to start with ourselves!