Moldovan Bank under DLP - technologies protection

At one of the largest banks in Moldova, the implementation of data loss prevention system project was completed, based on the software of the leader in this field – Symantec DLP.

For large banks, prevention of negative consequences issues due to information loss and minimizing reputational risks are among the top priorities. Thereby, the bank’s management decided to improve the control over the transfer of confidential information channels outside the bank.

As a partner of the project, the company "Accent Electronic" has selected, experts and specialists who have extensive experience in the field of consulting and implementation of data protection tools.

Accent Electronic - is the company with a rich, long-term experience (since 1991) in system integration and distribution of IT equipment and software not only in Moldova but also abroad.

The partnership with such global IT leaders as IBM, Symantec, NOKIA, HCL, Wallix, Boldon James, Dell, Lenovo, CISCO, and others, offered the opportunity to provide software integration services at the highest level. Accent Electronic - the first company in Moldova to adopt the Symantec DLP product for integration into the business of their partners.

Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution provides the highest level of protection for all possible confidential information transfer channels, resulting in full detection, monitoring and protection capabilities.

The system provides the best way to record and prevent confidential information loss in real time, and also has the ability to register and investigate incidents that occur.

In the financial sector, the issue of information security does not tolerate compromise solutions, because the subject of protection is not only the information, but also the reputation of the bank and the interests of the customers. The new solution based on DLP technologies fully allows our client to correspond to the status of the most reliable bank in Moldova, and his clients to be sure about the safety of their personal data.

Vladimir Russu, President of Accent Electronic:

“9 of the top 10 commercial and investment banks in the world use Symantec's DLP solution. We are glad to see that today the leading domestic companies are adopting the world's best practices in the field of protecting confidential data.”

By combining the capabilities of the Symantec DLP solution and the experience of the specialists from "Accent Electronic", we have offered to our client a high level of information security - Sales Director of "Accent Electronic" comments.

The key to the successful implementation was the interest of the bank's management for the project and the active participation of a qualified team from the bank.

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