Multinational Universal Telecom Operator (4GLTE)


The Multinational Universal Telecom Operator project envisages the establishment of the new universal operator of multimedia and telecommunication services in CEE (France, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Hungary) by the Aqua Telecom's group, headquartered in the Netherlands, Amsterdam.

The Aqua Telecom group from the Netherlands will be entered by Accent Group and a foreign partner(s), co-investor(s).

Key goal of the project is to become the FIRST NEW universal telecom operator of new generation in as many countries as possible.

Instead of extraordinary expensive acquisition (instead of buying old telecom operators with a lot of their old technologies, mistakes and disadvantages), new operator, after its successful pilot implementation at the national scale, can smoothly enter markets in several countries.

For the confident deployment on the large territories the project deployment will start from the pioneer stage (testing ground) in a small country in Europe.

Moldova is in the center of Europe, with only 3 million people population and small territory - thus, it is unique combination of the country status and lab size.

The whole CAPEX into this first country reference should be just 80 million USD, whole OPEX for the first two years should be 18 million USD. Obviously, it is only very small fraction of the big amounts, that are usually required in the big countries.


The pilot project is in process now. The national wide backbone of more than 1600 km was already built. The license for 4G/LTE services is going to be obtained in April, 2014. The operation can be started just after 6-8 months (only to install Radio access equipment and launch New National Operator in Moldova).