Our job is to provide solutions in the IT, telecommunication, construction  and energy areas.
Innovation, modern technologies and a team of professionals  - that is the secret  of our incessant growth. Being one of the leading group of companies in Moldova, we have achieved a tangible success. With this status comes both responsibility and possibility. Having conquered the IT area, we got into telecom business and advanced our technology leadership. We are proud to have become one of the founders and shareholders of the second largest mobile operator in Moldova – “Moldcell”. This contributed to the proclamation of Accent Group as a universal company with unlimited opportunities. Opening of the construction business  was the result of the progress and the challenge ourselves. Our new field of activity is investment projects.These four industries ensure particularly exciting prospects for development. Combining them means to guide the business towards a sustainable growth and extension. Accent Group’s reputation is earned by our conduct: what we do, the services we provide and the way we treat others. As responsible citizens and employees we want to do only what is right.



Everything we do is driven by intention to simplify life. We believe in technology and this enabled us among the first in Moldova to start building a dealer network in 1993. The own Technical Park, including modern equipment allows us to perform the construction works on a high European level, respecting all the client requirements and preferences. The highest level of service, transparency, efficiency, reliability: these are our values in dealing with partners and customers. These values make it possible to offer all that’s needed and only what is needed. Our company is a recognized standard-bearer for uncompromising quality and professionalism. We realize that the success first of all depends on the people working with us. Accent Group is made of women and men, highly skilled professionals among whom there are financial consultants, analysts, policy-makers, engineers, possessing big experience. We work with passion and devotion, delighting our clients and focusing on efficiency.


At Accent Group sustainability means making every day better through how we innovate and how we progress. As one of the leading solutions provider in Moldova, we have all the possibilities to create change. We believe that innovation is the impetus to those everyday changes which are so necessary. We innovate by developing ideas and by transforming difficult situations into opportunities for growth. Good ideas are translated into tangible results and tempting innovative projects. Our mission is implementation of projects in agriculture, education, medicine, construction, telecom and energy areas. Our partners – it is about 70  well-known leaders in the IT and telecommunications market: IBM, HP, Acer, Asus, Alcatel-Lucent, Sony, Samsung, Minolta, NEC, Canon, Huawei, Fujikura Europe etc.


Companies like Accent Group are known far outside the country. Collaboration with famous partners from all over the world opens new opportunities and enables to advance. Our company entered the international arena, having opened its branches in Russia, Romania, Poland and Ukraine. (Accent Telecom Russia, Accent Telecom Poland, Accent Electronic Romania, Accent Electronic Ukraine). We are a multinational and are proud of our dynamic growing team. We believe that employees’ differences in age, gender and nationality enrich our work environment. Creating new offices in various countries, we seek to establish ourselves in these markets as a reliable and effective partner.


We are passionate about investing! As a generator of ideas, we have reached an incredible height. Today Accent Group not only participates in different projects as a contractor or subcontractor but also has the resources to initiate own projects and to be a customer for other companies. Our investment approach is based on the knowledge and daily exchange of ideas that lead to the extraordinary results.
Through our group of companies, we created unique architectural masterpieces - two the only in Moldova luxury villas in ancient style, which are situated in the very heart of the capital. We also have built a turnkey modern A+ Class office building in the center of Chisinau, undoubtedly, one of the main city landmarks.
The project on construction of the national telecom backbone network was a real breakthrough. Now the company is engaged in infrastructure construction and implementation of the new innovative projects in all the emerging areas of economy.