"Riverbed Technology" - a new partner of "Accent Group"


"Accent Group" always moves with the times, choosing the best technological innovations. Recently the company has signed a contract with "Riverbed Technology", which is dedicated to improving information technology. Riverbed Technology represents the only effective solution to optimize WAN bandwidth, which will help to cope with a range of problems that do not allow companies to transfer applications and data over long distances.


Recognized worldwide line of solutions optimization WAN bandwidth enables enterprises to increase productivity and quality of the existing infrastructure and mission-critical applications (including sharing of files, email, backup, document management systems, IT tools, ERP-applications and CRM solutions). In particular, the Steelhead devices and mobility of Riverbed Technology increase the speed of information processing and network performance in almost 100 times. Cascade solution from Riverbed, helps to create an enterprise-wide network and application visibility and analysis, which are implemented by enterprise customers and service providers.








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