Since inception in 1991, Accent Electronic has started its success story as a main and first company of Accent Group, primarily dealing with distribution of major IT brands in the Republic of Moldova.  

It was among the first in Moldova to start building a dealer network. The impetus came from an agreement signed with the global manufacturers Hewlett Packard and IBM. Since then, years of experience have enabled Accent Electronic to take a leading position in the IT market: systems installations, repairs and maintenance services.

The company's mission is to provide retailers with IT systems and IT components, offering access to the widest range of goods and modern technologies, ensuring the highest service standards for each customer, and creating an environment for the steady growth of our partner’s profitability.

Accent Electronic actively promotes the brands it represents though a wide network of dealers. The dealer network includes more than 100 reliable and successful companies across the country, making IT equipment more accessible to every Moldovan resident.

Being on Moldavian IT market for more than 20 years, Accent Electronic has accumulated a solid practical experience and has developed unique skills which allow to provide quality system integration solutions.

Accent Electronic is highly active in the local marketplace with a proven track record of providing services and solutions to enterprise, service providers and telecommunication organizations in Moldova. Our consultants have accumulated vast knowledge and experience as locally as well as internationally.

At a present, Accent System Integration department is leading local stream towards a bright progress of technology and step by step penetrates regional markets hand in hand with its partners.  The ACCENT ELECTRONIC  dealer network incorporates lots of reliable ,experienced and successful partners all over  the country , enabling the company to make the technology easily accessible for all the people in Moldova.





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DELL Inspiron 5000

DELL Inspiron 5000





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