Combined Cycle Co-Generation Plant

Recently, Accent Investment has announced and confirmed that the company initiated the process of assessing the interest of third party strategic and financial investors in participation in the construction, commissioning and operating Combined Cycle Technology Co-generation Power Plant in the Republic of Moldova.

This Project assumes building of a Fossil-fuelled power plant for production of electric and thermal energy. The scenarios prepared by the Accent Investment team presume a several combinations of gas and steam turbines in different locations of the country:

- The northern capital of the Republic of Moldova – the city of Balti (combined cycle of electric and thermal energy generation);

- The Southern region – Giurgiulesti Internationational Free Port (combined cycle of electric energy generation and a small co-generated thermal energy);


Each project is based on a financial model and has its own financial peculiarities. The perfect economics of deployment are dominated by plant dislocation and the state energetic security strategy.