Accent Group Company jointly with ESDF and the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Korea in Moldova organized an Easter Charity Event


For Accent Group charity has become a good tradition. On April 16, 2014, on the eve of Happy Easter an action was organized to help children with hearing disabilities from a boarding school in the village of Hirbovat, Calarasi. Here are 89 children, 31 girls and 58 boys, two of them – are orphans.


In anticipation of our visit, we discussed the needs of children with Maria Moraru, director of the boarding school. Our employees collected funds - 5.000 lei.  This amount was spent to buy stationery and sports equipment: balls, hoops, skipping ropes, tennis rackets, badminton, color paper, gift paper, pencils as well as cookies and candy from the company «Bucuria». «Panna Cotta» company joined the charity event by providing a sweet surprise for each child. As well, our employees collected things, shoes and toys for children from the boarding school.


Having arrived at boarding school, we saw two kids on the doorstep, who were peeking with curiosity from behind the door. Gradually other pupils began to join them to see what kind of uncles and aunts came here. It was impossible not to notice how happy they were to see guests, who appeared quite rarely there. What immediately catches the eye - is open, good-natured and bright faces of these children, sincerely smiling and ready to be your friend.


The director and staff of the boarding school met us very friendly. We went into the auditorium, opened the boxes with chocolates and started giving them to children. Each child was very happy with these sweets, it was a real holiday for them. They thanked us by gestures and smiles. After that, the director organized for us a tour through the boarding school, which proved to be very well-kept. Looking into one of the classes, we saw items and postcards of incredible beauty, performed by hands of the pupils from  paper, napkins, threads etc. We were also impressed by the beautiful paintings of young artists.


Unfortunately, most of the children – are from dysfunctional families. Although on Easter holidays they come back home, 10 of them will remain at a boarding school, where living conditions are better than at home. For example, one of the orphans Miraj – comes from a Gypsy family. His mother died and the father moved with him to Russia, where he made the boy panhandle in the street. After a while, they were deported back to Moldova, the father soon found himself in prison, and a juvenile committee drew attention to the child. He was diagnosed with hearing loss, thus the boy got in this boarding school. A similar story happened with another teenager Ruslan who remained without parents.


We are very glad that we were able to help children and make them a little happier. Memories of this meeting will remain in our hearts forever.








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