Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona was attended by Accent Group top management


From 24 to 27 February the exhibition Mobile World Congress 2014 was held in Barcelona.  Once again the beginning of the year pleased  with the appearance of mobile innovations and interesting technologies. More than 85,000 participants from 200 countries got acquainted with a wealth of network opportunities, examined showcases of the presented products.


President of Accent Group, Mr. Russu  together with technical specialists, attended this congress and explored novelties of  IT and telecommunications market. Our company representatives communicated with world leaders in this field, such as Huawei Technologies, Alcatel-Lucent, ZTE, Amdocs, Acer, Samsung and others. With many of them Accent Group has been working for many years and has successfully launched joint projects as in Moldova as well as in other countries.


Network technologies, presented by leading manufacturers such as Huawei, Ericsson, NSN (Nokia Solutions Networks), ALU (Alcatel Lucent) and ZTE were located in the 2nd and 3rd pavilions. After visiting  Huawei hall, we received the  information about the latest developments in the field of 4th generation base stations (eNodeB), namely - the integration of the transmitter RRU with antenna, which resulted in the appearance of a new device AAU (Active Antenna Unit). This will allow much more efficient to place  them on the  antenna-mast  supporting structures and to save on weight, sail area, and therefore on a rental payment.


There was also presented a line of small base stations AtomCell, PicoCell and LampCell with a  low-power radio (from 1 to 5 W), that will significantly improve radio planning and optimization in urban areas.  In addition, there was presented the concept of small base stations aggregation  by using Anchor server for rapid deployment in corporate networks. No less interesting it seemed the concept of  network architecture base portion (Core) transition on the virtual applications of the universal machine software (Blade) architecture ATCA. This will significantly improve the distribution of the basic units precession capacity.


We were interested to see a new IPTV platform, working with terminal devices on the Android system using standard protocols.


We were very pleased  with the updated  system  of  the 4th generation base station from Alcatel-Lucent. Its dimensional parameters are slightly inferior to other manufacturers, but according to the experts’ words this system is not less flexible in the operating activity and maintenance.


Implementing the project on creation of a new generation telecom operator, we managed to get acquainted with mobile terminals and their development trends. Qualcomm has presented its latest chip sets, which are used in the vast majority by the leading manufacturers of smartphones and tablets and set trends of mobile technologies development.


The leading companies - terminal manufacturers such as Sony, Samsung, Nokia, HTC showcased their latest products and whole terminals lines, as well as presented their plans R & D for 2014.


In addition, the emergence of a large number of new, previously unknown tablets and smartphones manufacturers became a pleasant surprise. They are likely to be more competitive from a price perspective, that is essential for the Moldovan market.


As a generalization of information about the development of applications, we concluded that all modern mobile business can be classified into:


- The creation of «Cloud» environment, connection of all single subscriber access types and building the services on the basis of this environment, such as online payment services, banking, e-banking, e-commerce.

- Online telemetry collection and the creation of corporate M2M (Machine to Machine) and D2D (Device to Device) networks.

- The applications associated with the sphere of entertainment, interactive home media centers, interactive terminals operating through wireless technology (such as NFC), etc.


Having participated in the Congress, we  enjoyed  an array of new products and the uniqueness of new technologies created by different companies. We communicated with partners and determined plans of the regular cooperation this year. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to the exhibition and bright surprises from manufacturers next year.





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