From 15 to 17 December 2013 the President of Accent Group went on a business trip to the Republic of Korea


The country of morning freshness again welcomes us with its hospitality and friendly business environment.


After several meetings held in South Korea on August, 2013 and right next month in Moldova, the president of Accent Group, Mr. Vladimir Russu went for the second business trip to this emerging country.


It was the second greatest opportunity to find out more about doing business with Korea and become closer to this growing and prospering country of Asia. The key goal was to identify potential partners and businesses to be developed between Moldova and South Korea on the European market.


The meetings were organized at the highest level with the support of the Korean Embassy in Ukraine and Moldovan Embassy in China, which is also in charge of South Korea region.


The President of Accent Group held the meetings with several state authorities and top executives of the influential Korean companies in telecom, energy and construction businesses. In addition, Mr. Russu was welcomed to meet and talk to the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Moldova to the Republic of Korea, Mr. Jae Kyung Lee. After the meeting, they agreed to keep in contact and provide the support for development of the economic relationships and purely people to people contacts for the future of both countries.


It is early to speak about any results that are still in progress. Definitely, we do hope them to be fruitful ones for both countries, for the Republic of Moldova and for the Republic of Korea.



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