V1 Challenge Moldova Closing Season Party



V1 Challenge Moldova race championship was held in Moldova for the second year. Accent Group became the general sponsor of the event, which lasted the entire season in four cities of our country: Chisinau, Comrat, Balti and Hînceşti.
Constant movement forward and the desire to win - that's what distinguishes Accent Group and allows us to be developed further. No wonder that this particular sport, full of adrenaline and flying speed attracts us so much. Together with brave, ambitious people, pilots of these races, we promote a healthy lifestyle and country’s movement forward.
This year we have seen many beautiful races, we have presented cups to the best pilots and experienced unforgettable emotions on tracks V1 Challenge. Along with thousands of spectators, we enjoyed excellent performances at a high speed and were pleased with the winners’ successes. Professional Volkicar pilots managed to demonstrate amazing skills and accuracy of movements. At a first glance, the Volkicar cars look like  toys, but 120 horsepower, speed up to 150 km / h and an excellent track allow pilots to gambol not in earnest. To watch the races, spectators gathered from small to large, competitions have caused a special delight in children. Some of them seriously dream of becoming the racers.
The Minister of Justice , Mr. Oleg Efrim and Minister of Interior  Affairs, Mr. Dorin Recean watched the competitions with interest at the  National Meeting Square In Chisinau. Mr. Efrim did not hide his emotions saying that: "This is a very exciting show. I have not missed a single race that took place in Chisinau. Every time I get great pleasure, everything that happens on the road – is very interesting! "
After a hard struggle the finalists were determined as follows: Golovihin Andrew (Moldcel)  took the third place, Naku Semen (Moldcel) became the second, and Myradov Timur (Fincombank) got the winner’s laurels. After the competitions Timur Muradov shared his impressions that: "During the race a little fear was appearing, but I suppressed it with the faith in victory. Morally, it was difficult. But everything that I had planned - happened! "
At the end of all races, when emotions cooled down a little bit, it was time to congratulate the finalists for the wonderful performances in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The closing ceremony of the season 2013 V1 Challenge - «V1 Challenge Moldova Closing Season Party» was held in Leogrand Convention Center and was attended by all partners and participants.
President of Accent Group, Mr. Vladimir Russu was one of the main guests at the ceremony. He got the prize for the support and participation in this event from the hands of the director and organizer of CNA (National Autosport Club), Mr. Chiril Gaburici.
Accent Group actively supports not only V1 Challenge Moldova but also many other events, opening new sides of our citizens’ skill and talent.

Video review here: Closing Season Party - V1 Challenge Moldova



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