Accent Group holds the charity event for children with mental retardation


On the eve of the New 2014 year Accent Group held a charity event. We visited a boarding house for mentally retarded children in the city of Hincesti. 
In this boarding  house live only girls , 315 people, 130 from which are bedridden. These children are completely alone and there are nobody to help them except strangers, not indifferent to their situation . Having find out in advance what the boarding house in particular needs , we began to collect funds . Every employee has allocated at his discretion the  amount of money, so we have collected about 11 thousand lei . For this amount , we bought 600 kg of apples , cookies and chocolates of different varieties from "Bucuria", as well as 80 liters of soap, 125 shampoos , 26 liters of dishwashing detergent . Also we brought 5 boxes with clothes and shoes, which the company employees gave.
Employee of the Accent Group Gennady Mangos, who was in the boarding house, shares his impressions: "When we arrived there, a few girls, pupils of the boarding house were standing in the street. They immediately began to help us unload the purchases from the truck. It is Impossible to express their joy at the sight of apples and candy. There was a sense that for them it was a real happiness and truly a rare opportunity to feel the holiday, rejoice. "
We are very pleased that we were able to assist orphan children and we will try to help them in the future.



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