Vladimir Russu participating in Moldovan Business Delegation to Israel


The President of Accent Group, Vladimir Russu attended the Moldovan-Israeli business forum in Tel Aviv that was headed by the Prime Minister of Moldova, Vladimir Filat in May 14-16, 2012.
The forum was organized in joint cooperation with the Government of Moldova, Moldovan Chamber of Commerce and Israeli Chamber of Commerce, and focused on the further development of economic cooperation between Moldovan and Israeli companies in several areas of activity such as IT, Telecom, Energy, Construction and Agriculture industries.
During the meetings, Vladimir Russu discussed several projects, including energy generation (especially “green energy”) which is currently highly supported by the Government of the Republic of Moldova. The most significant priorities were put on the use of Moldovan Free Economic Zone – a free trade gateway between EU and CIS countries, which resident is Accent Electronic (part of the Accent Group).
All the meetings have been held in a friendly atmosphere and many interesting contacts were established with the Israeli manufacturers and companies in Energy and Construction sectors.
There were 50 business people and ministers in charge of the economy and social sectors on behalf of Moldova and fifty business people represented Israel at the forum, as well as leaders of the Israeli main economic institutions, among which the Industrialists’ Association, Chamber of Commerce, Export and International Cooperation Institute.



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