Message from the President of Accent Group:



"Since the creation of The Accent Group in 1991, the company's main sector was IT Distribution and Solutions provider. It became the biggest distributor in Moldova and in the region, combining about 70 worldwide brands and exclusively representing biggest software companies (IBM, Alcatel-Lucent, etc) as their local headquarter.


With the creation of the second biggest Mobile Operator in Moldova “Moldcell”, Accent, as a co-founder and shareholder, gathered huge experience in telecom market and put the start for the company’s group expansion. We have sold our shares and continued striving for new technological boost and achievements in telecom business.


Currently, The Accent Group leads local Telecom market by providing full scale / turnkey, optimized and last generation solutions to assist such customers like Telecom operators, Governmental authorities,  local banks with various problems developing large scale projects based on our in depth experience and technical competence.


In the past ten years, The Accent Group has diversified into property development: building luxury private residences, class A+ business centers, and infrastructure construction: network construction, road construction and others.


But, we didn’t stop here…


Our vision is to create the stream of ideas, thus, we have achieved the time of doing investment in future development and establish partnership at the level of co-investors. That is how we opened Accent Investment direction and started to implement own projects in several areas: IT, Telecom, Road Infrastructure, Real Estate, Education, Energy and Agro sectors.


We consider that it is a time for changes in the era of golden opportunities and our region is exactly the key to broad expansion.


We aim to further evolve and develop under our motto "accent on efficiency" in parallel with our transparent business management philosophy to satisfy both customers and our employees "working environment".





Vladimir RUSSU

President of Accent Group